Umbilical cord blood banking in Gurgaon

Umbilical cord blood banking in Gurgaon

Cord blood obtained from the umbilical cord during childbirth can be used for harvesting stem cells for stem cell therapy. Apart from cord blood, cord tissue can also be used for obtaining stem cells. Cord blood has stem cells in abundance which are primarily responsible for regenerating the immune system and replenishing blood lost in injury or disease. They have the unique ability to differentiate into various cell types found in blood.

These proliferative cells are fewer in number than can be obtained from bone marrow or peripheral blood HSC donation, but they have greater proliferative and colony forming capacity, and are more responsive to some growth factors. Also because they are more ‘naïve’ than proliferative cells from bone marrow, they seem to produce fewer complications associated with some aspects of stem cell transplantation. Apart from providing HSC cells, stem cells have the capacity to develop into cells of different lineage including cartilage, fat cells, hepatic and cardiac cells. Despite the amount of research already carried out on therapeutic uses of stem cells, there is still a lot to be known about the true potential to which stem cells can be used for medical treatment.

In the past two decades, the prospects of using cord blood have grown tremendously. As new possibilities for stem cells being used for treatment of diseases are being researched by scientists, the need for cord blood will grow dramatically. As of now, cord blood is needed by about 1 in 200 patients in their lifetime. However, cord blood treatments are currently being researched for conditions like cerebral palsy and diabetes, which will make cord blood therapy even more sought after in the coming years. My cord, the best stem cell bank in Delhi helps to secure your family from many dangerous diseases by providing state of the art facilities for storing cord blood at affordable rates.

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