Umbilical cord blood collection procedure

collection of Umbilical cord blood

Cord blood or blood obtained from umbilical cord has immense medical benefits. It can be used to harvest stem cells which are the building blocks of the immune system of the human body. In spite of the focus on research work being carried out on the potential therapeutic uses of cord blood, cord blood banks in India are still in the stage of infancy. Being the home of second largest population of the world India has an immense potential in the field of cord blood storage and for this the development of private banks is to be fostered.

Cord blood, a source of potentially lifesaving cells, is harvested without any significant health risk to the mother and the new born baby from either the delivered placenta or during the third stage of labor. The task of collection is performed in sterile environment where the umbilical vein is punctured with a needle attached to a sterile, closed system collection bags containing citrate phosphate dextrose or heparin anticoagulant which is positioned lower than the placenta and blood flows from the placenta through the cord to the bags. The collected units are labelled and then shipped to cord blood banks. The first public bank was set up in New York in the year 1992 and now there are about 225,000 cord blood units frozen in 38 public cord blood banks in 25 countries [28]. However, the entire process of collection, processing, testing and cryopreservation of cord blood in public banks is quite cumbersome and non-regulated and this leads to a loss of 10 to 20 percent of the initially collected blood volume and cell counts. This is one of the reasons why families prefer private banks.
My cord, Gurgaon’s best cord blood banking facility has provisions to store your child’s cord blood for a period up to 35 years. This has been possible due to the extensive investment in fully closed and automated cryogenic storage vessels. These state of the art facilities and the availability of the best clinicians in the industry to conduct the process of storing and harvesting your child’s cord blood is why Mycord has been at the zenith of the cord blood banking industry. Mycord provides cord blood preservation at an affordable cost so you can protect your family from over 80+ diseases.

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