Why is it good to save umbilical cord blood?

umbilical cord blood bank in india

The primary reason for banking your child’s cord blood which any parent can relate to is ‘Peace of mind’. Parents do so much to prepare for their child’s birth and ensuring their child’s life will be a healthy. It is basically the best gift you can give your child.

So, Cord banking is one of the best things, parents ought to consider!!!

Stem cells hold the exceptional capability to develop into many different cell types in the body, & are often referred to as the “master cells” or “building blocks” of blood, immune system, and organ tissues. Stem cells serve as a sort of repair system for the body, as they can be split into other cells, which means that the cells have the ability to generate tissue & can replace virtually any cell within the body.

The process of Cord blood collection occurs after the umbilical cord has been cut & is extracted from the one end of the cord. It’s usually done within ten minutes after the birth of the child. An expert gynecologist or paramedic will collect umbilical cord blood as per the standard medical procedure at the time of delivery. This, cord blood will be collected from an umbilical cord blood collection kit, which will be transported to the laboratory for long-term cryopreservation.

Benefits of Storing Umbilical Cord Blood and Cord Tissues

Younger and multi-potent: The cord blood cells are younger & unexposed to external environmental factors. It possesses the ability to regenerate indefinitely & differentiate into numerous different types of cells in the human body.

Life-threatening blood disorders: The cord blood cells have the capability to cure life-threatening blood disorders. It is used in treating diseases, thalassemia, and other blood sicknesses majorly.

Complex diseases are a major public health concern: It is useful in the treatment of complex diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and also increases life expectancy among terminally ill patients.

Family history as risk factors: Family history is one of the common influencing factors for developing life-threatening diseases. Common health problems that run in the family include, arthritis, asthma, cancer, diabetes, heart disease. For such families, the banking of cord blood would be act as investing in a secured “health fund.”

Preserve Stem Cells for your Baby’s future with “My Cord- Cord Blood Banking”. We consider ourselves to be among the first pioneers in this industry of regenerative science since 2008. We offer cutting-edge technology for collection, processing, and utilization of stem cells from the umbilical cord. Our long-term research has led to expanding our services into banking of the umbilical cord through a state-of-the-art umbilical cord blood bank, offering end-to-end stem cell solutions.

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