Need of cord blood in India


Keeping in mind the way of living of people, there is an increasing need of cord blood in India.

Cord blood stem cells have been used in transplant medicine for many years and are currently being used in regenerative medicine research. Cord blood in India is being increasingly used as a source of stem cells and an alternative to bone marrow. Usually, patients with blood and immune system disease undergo cord blood transplant. Cord blood in India has also been used for transplantation for patients with genetic disorders. However, allogenic cord blood is required rather than autologus cord blood for transplantation.

After the birth of a baby the umbilical cord which is attached to both the baby and the mother is cut. Some blood remains in the vessels of the placenta and the portion of the umbilical cord attached to the baby. This extra blood called the umbilical cord blood or cord blood for short is no longer required by the baby. But it can be of great use to someone who is suffering from a major blood disease. So, its storage is important.

Apart from the elements of blood like red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasmas, the cord blood is also rich in hematopoietic (blood forming) stem cells similar to those found in the bone marrow As a result of this cord blood can be used for transplantation. MyCord’s valuable pool plan involves the collection of the new-born baby’s umbilical cord tissue and the blood within. The samples are then sent to our preservation facility for storage and then to the testing facility, where our group of highly experienced medical technicians conducts several tests to measure the feasibility of the samples.

MyCord has redefined private banking. We retrieve the best matched cord blood unit from the pool. With the help of innovative ideas of our high spirited team, MyCord has stood out from all the other companies that provide banking for cord blood in India. We have not just created a place for us in the industry but have also provided technologically advanced regenerative services in the same field. We are the best providers of cord blood in India.

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