An entirely new kind of pool! Mycord pool banking in Gurgaon

Mycord Pool Banking in Gurgaon

Firstly, no this is not the kind of pool you swim in! Mycord is known as the best stem cell pool bank in Gurgaon. Often controversial but undeniably effective, stem cell pool banking in India has, in its small term of implementation shown magnificent results. Imagine a tiny little cell, capable of taking the shape of any single cell in your body, to replace or repair any damage. We might even stop aging one day! Mycord prides itself on safe collection and storage of the umbilical cord – the richest source of stem cells and also crucial to cord blood pool banking in India.

The birth of your new-born is a life-changing moment and a private event to be shared with family and closest of friends – we understand and treat you as nothing less than family. Our non-intrusive collection method has made Mycord the top cord blood pool bank in Gurgaon. As the premier stem cell pool bank in Gurgaon, Mycord offers you, the expecting parent with free counseling, guidance and cord retrieval (anywhere worldwide) on the happiest day of your life!

You might still be wondering where the pool aspect of Mycord comes from? Without baffling you with the science of stem cell research, let us simply tell you that we use the allogenic method of cord pool banking in India. This means you get access to the best match from a vast selection of same ethnicity cords in the pool; these cords can treat up to 95% of all blood-related disorders! However, don’t just take our word for it, contact our readily available customer support executives who are available to help guide you through this once in a lifetime opportunity with complete transparency.

Mycord is changing the way the world looks at stem cell pool banking in India – one cord at a time. And gander over to our local establishment and see for yourself why Mycord is the top stem cell pool bank in Gurgaon!

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