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corb blood banking

The preservation of umbilical cord blood is one of the greatest milestones in the field of Science and Technology as we learn that what was once a waste product is now saving million lives around the world. Mycord, Gurgaon’s premium hospital brings cord blood banking in Gurgaon so that you don’t have to run for your life to save it!


Cord blood banking has been attracting an increasing amount of attention in the healthcare and medical industry after the supreme benefits of the umbilical cord that reached the modern days scientists as gospel truth. A cord that was once thought to nothing more than a waste product is now working its wonders in curing deadly diseases like Cancer, Leukemia and Bone Marrow disorders to name a few.

The umbilical cord possesses the power to repair damaged or dead cells in a body and restore normal functionality in many successful stem cell treatments all over the world. This is where umbilical cord plays a vital role.

Mycord Pool Plan

At Mycord we are aware of the limitations of both autologous stem cell therapies and want to share our insights with our readers. That’s is why we bring the Mycord Precious Pool Plan to Gurgaon and other major cities in India.

Our comprehensive pool bank plan starts with the collection of the umbilical cord collection. Upon registration, our technician will visit the hospital and collect the umbilical cord of your newborn after a successful delivery. The collected samples are then sent to our testing and storage facility, where it undergoes multiple tests to gauge its viability.

If everything is in order, the samples are then decontaminated and prepared for long-term cryogenic storage. The samples are frozen using liquid nitrogen to stop all biological activity and keep them viable after long-term storage.

Now that you know what it takes to ensure yourself with a lifelong substitute, we wonder what you waiting for? Book your visit to Mycord in Gurgaon now and learn about the various benefits of cord blood banking in Gurgaon. Because the umbilical cord is bonding the human-spirit to fight and survive potential diseases and illnesses, are you with us?

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