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Most affordable stem cell pool banking in India

The umbilical cord of a new-born baby is teeming with dynamic stem cells which thanks to modern medical science can now be used to treat more than 80 previously incurable diseases and disorders. More than 35000 successful cord blood transplantations have been reported since it was first introduced as a viable medical treatment in 1988. At Mycord we believe that the decision to opt for stem cell banking in india is a once in a lifetime opportunity to secure your child’s and your immediate family’s future health and well-being. That is why we offer the very best of stem cell pool banking facilities in multiple cities all across India.

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We strive to deliver the most affordable stem cell banking facilities to each and every client. We are also continuously involved in extensive research to help develop out procedures and operations, with the aim to improve the quality of human lives. Our state-of-the-art laboratory and umbilical cord processing facilities are carefully operated by our team of expert medical technicians and we also hold compliance certificates which includes GLP, GTP, GDP, and GMP. Apart from that we also follow the ISO-9001:2008, USFDA, AABB, and FACT-NETCORD strictly, to always ensure top not service quality.

At Mycord, we make it mission to deliver not the most affordable service, but also the very best in cord blood banking services. We follow all national and international clinical practice guidelines for our collection, processing, extraction, and preservation procedures. This helps to guarantee that our stored stem cells samples are high on cell count, viability, and are most effective when used for stem cell treatments and therapies. We employ a highly experienced team of experts, clinicians, researchers, and microbiologists with a cumulative experience and industry knowledge of more than 100 years.

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We also offer personalized counselling and guidance programs/sessions to help all of our clients better understand the various procedures involved in umbilical cord blood banking(Pool). We aim to play a crucial role in the research and development and help millions of people in dire need of stem cell pool banking services for treatments and therapies.

Visit our website and subscribe to our Mycord Precious Pool Plan today to secure your baby’s and family’s future health.

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