About Cellugen

About CelluGen

About CelluGen

CelluGen’s backbone is the ground breaking research that provides a full spectrum of stem cell solutions. Mycord the umbilical cord bank is an initiative of CelluGen Biotech Pvt. Ltd.

Stem cells are one of the most exciting discoveries of the decade! They are considered to be the cornerstone of regenerative therapies. CelluGen Biotech Pvt. Ltd. is proud to be the pioneer in the industry of regenerative science since 2008. It offers cutting-edge technology for collection, processing, and utilization of stem cells from the umbilical cord. Our long term research has led CelluGen to expand its services into banking of the umbilical cord through its vertical Mycord which is a state-of-the-art umbilical cord blood bank, offering end-to-end stem cell solutions.

Today, existing stem cell therapy and techniological advances in the field of stem cell research can be applied towards neurological, optic, diabetic, orthopedic conditions and blood related disorders, among others.

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  • CelluGen, a Private Limited Stem Cell Research company situated in Gurgaon, India was established in 2008
  • CelluGen is a DCGI licensed Cord Blood Bank compliant with cGMP, cGTP and, cGLP. Stringent guidelines of ISO-9001, US-FDA, AABB, and FACT-NETCORD are also followed.
  • Cellugen follows the clinical practice guidelines set by international regulatory bodies on the collection and processing of cord blood.
  • Our core group consists of highly trained and experienced scientists, researchers and medical professionals. They have vast experience in stem cell research and technology, with publications in national and international journals.

Mycord Through Its Protocols Proposes To Utilize The Cord Blood Efficaciously While The Cord Tissue And Amniotic Membrane Are Banked For Potential Therapeutic Use.


Mycord Quality Standards

Stringent international standards endorsed:

  • Each UCB unit when banked, initial Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) typing done at no extra cost
  • All mandatory tests undertaken as defined by national health authorities at no additional cost
  • Collection of a minimum 500 million Total Nucleated Cells (TNC) in each unit before cryopreservation as recommended by USFDA
  • Collection of at least 1.25 million viable CD34+ cells in each unit before cryopreservation as recommended by USFDA
  • A minimum of 80 ml Volume of umbilical cord blood to be collected
  • Dual storage not recommended to obtain minimum volume of blood for successful transplant

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