Alternative to bone marrow transplantation

Alternative to bone marrow transplantation

Cord blood has stem cells in a very large numbers. Stem cells are the elementary units of blood and the immune system. They have the capability to evolve into other types of cells so they can assist in repair of tissue, blood and other organs. Stem cells are also found in bone marrow, human embryos, baby teeth, fat, circulating blood, and muscle. Every part of the human body could be a source of stem cells but they are not rich enough sources for harvesting stem cells for therapeutic applications.

Stem cells obtained from cord blood have been used in the treatment of a number of diseases, most notably leukemia. A survey estimated that since 1998, one fifth of the stem cell transplants performed worldwide for patients younger than 20 years old are cord blood transplants, mostly for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The use of cord blood as an alternative to bone marrow as a source of HSC for transplant has many potential advantages compared to other sources of HSC. Some of these advantages include easier and faster availability. Patients on average receive cord blood transplantation faster than they receive conventional bone marrow grafts. Cord blood banking offers the option of extension of the donor pool which is especially helpful for people belonging to ethnic minorities. Cord blood transplantation will tolerate a mismatch of tissue types between donor and the recipient greater than is acceptable with bone marrow. In addition, because of the ethnic diversity of donors of cord blood, there is a higher frequency of non-Caucasoid genetic matches of stem cells available compared with bone marrow registries.
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