A biologic insurance – Best cord blood banking in India

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A biologic insurance – Best cord blood banking in India

Insured yourself with a home, a car, a spouse? Well, we tell you about a new insurance that can save your life. Learn about the umbilical cord blood banking with us at MyCord. Our outstanding team of medical professionals is striving to make the process of umbilical cord stem cell storage India faster and easier for you!
What was considered a biological waste is now saving million lives everyday across the world. We are talking about the umbilical cord that is re-uniting the human spirit to thrive against biological odds and adding happier and healthier years around your loved ones and family. With cord blood banking in India becoming popular, MyCord strives to get you the best help and care you need to secure your family’s healthy well-being. Read on to know more about it.

Secure a healthy well-being for your family

The umbilical cord blood transplant is a simple process with no harm directed towards either your baby or mommy. The cord blood contains stem cells which help to rebuild damaged tissues in your body and fight deadly biological disorders such as Cancers, Blood Disorders, Congenital Metabolic Disorder and Immunodeficiency.

Why umbilical cord blood over Adult Bone marrow?

We at MyCord believe that faster recovery comes from new discovery. Cancer patients are usually in need of immediate help no matter what stage of development the Cancer is diagnosed at. Using adult bone marrow stem cells in curing Cancer is not an unpopular method, however, there’s always a risk of these stems cells rejected by the cancer. In earlier cases of cancer treatment, when bone marrow stem cells transplant was introduced, what went undiagnosed was the destructive effect of radiation and chemotherapy on the stems cells found in adult bone marrow. The umbilical cord blood stem cells, on the other hand, have shown immediate results in response to the cancer in one’s body for it bypasses the possibility of being infected once the cord blood is kept under preservation.

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Keeping infections away

Blood transfusion through syringe is always risky and hazardous for the receiver. This particular advantage is partly because umbilical cord blood is almost never contaminated by Epstein-Barr virus or cytomegalovirus.
We at MyCord provide you the best personalized experience if stem cell banking in India. Don’t run for your life, it will always be saved with us.

Little did we know about the extensive advantages of the umbilical cord – a cord known to pump life into your young ones while in the womb is now working its wonders by saving not just your children’s in future, but, also of the people who need to be saved of deadly diseases today
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