Cord Blood Banking In India: Know Everything In Details.

Cord Blood Banking in India

Should You Bank Your Child’s Cord Blood???

There are many things to think about when are expecting a child. One of them is the banking your baby’s cord blood, the blood from your baby’s umbilical cord (which binds the child to the mother while in the womb). Many parents nowadays consider of storing the cord blood because of its exceptional medical application for the future health of the child or family members.

Have you done it for your child yet?

The umbilical cord is the special bond between the mother and her unborn child. It helps in the nourishment, growth, and development of the child while it is in the mother’s womb. This magical cord also possesses the ability to provide a lifetime protection of the child & family. The stem cells from the umbilical cord can be used to treat more than 80 life-threatening diseases like leukemia, sickle cell anemia, thalassemia & many more.

How Do You Get CORD BLOOD!!!

Cord blood is collected right after the birth of the child, and the process is absolutely painless and safe for both the baby and mother, and it doesn’t interfere in any way with the delivery process. The cord blood is then safely store for long term stem cell cryopreservation.

Where to Get It!!!

Mycord, India’s best cord blood banking facility has provisions to store your child’s cord blood for a period up to 35 years. The process has been possible due to our modern and fully automated cryogenic storage process. With state of the art facilities and availability of the best medical professionals in the industry to conduct the process of storing & harvesting your child’s cord blood. This is why Mycord has been at the pinnacle of the cord blood banking industry, with affordable cord blood banking services to protect your family and child.

My Cord has embarked on a journey to provide comprehensive diagnostic and preventive health care solutions for mother & child to reduce the diseases risk& high mortality rates among newborns in the country.

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