Cord blood harvesting in India

Cord blood harvesting in India

Stem cells are said to be the building blocks of cells and tissues within the immune system. These cells have the capability of specializing into cells of different organs. Their importance to the immune system and their role in the body’s healing process cannot be understated. They have the capacity to transform themselves into other types of cells. They can act as cells of the brain, the lungs, the spinal cord or any other organ. Tissues, organs and even blood vessels can be repaired with the use of stem cell. Some of the life threatening conditions like cancer and Parkinson’s which were previously thought to be untreatable can now be treated with the use of stem cell therapy. The alternatives of using stem cells for treatment are so varied, therefore a lot of attention is being paid to research over the use of stem cell for treating various diseases. Bone marrow and many other body parts also contain stem cells but they cannot be harvested and stored for use in stem cell therapy.

In diseases where the body’s immune system is affected, stem cells are used to improve the conditions of the immune system so they can better combat the diseased cells and help the body recover faster. Unlike stem cells obtained from bone marrow or peripheral cells, the cells obtained from cord blood are not mature and can be molded into various roles and functions much more easily. It is much simpler to match stem cells of the recipient and the donor when they are harvested from cord blood because they are much less likely to reject transfusion. More than 80 different diseases, including some cancers, blood disorders, and immune deficiencies. Among these are leukemia, aplastic anemia, Hodgkin’s disease, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma can be cured with stem cell treatment. Cord blood transplants are also accepted as treatment for thalassemia and sickle cell anemia, inherited blood disorders that are common in certain ethnic groups. And not to mention, they’re used to treat rare metabolic disorders that would otherwise be fatal for infants, such as Krabbe disease and Sanfilippo syndrome. With so many advantages to be gained, it is a wise decision to collect and store cord blood for future use by your family. Cord blood can be stored in either public or private banks. My cord, Gurgaon’s best private cord blood banking facility provides the best storage facilities at an affordable price so you can secure your family’s future and help protect them from over 80+ diseases.

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