Dealing with cravings during Pregnancy.

One of the most important things to do you’re pregnant is keeping a check on the food you’re eating. A pregnant woman not only requires ample nutrition for herself, but also for her baby, and pregnancy cravings only take it downhill. If you’re a to-be mother and you’ve spent the first two trimesters of your pregnancy giving into your cravings, then you must try these tips to curb them and stay healthier in the third trimester

  • Soda and Soft DrinksStart your day with a wholesome and nutritious breakfast so that you stay full the entire morning and save yourself from morning cravings. Prefer things like boiled eggs, oatmeal, juice, etc as they keep you full the entire day. Alter the menu everyday and make breakfast fun so that you don’t ever skip it!
  • Exercise daily
    Another way to distract yourself from cravings is staying active. You must exercise regularly, be it a brisk walk, or light breathing exercises. Exercise, a must during the third trimester, will not only keep you fit but will also curb your hunger.

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  • Outsmart that snack attack
    Plan your weekly meals in advance and have them prepared first thing in the morning. The reason why you give into your cravings is because you have nothing in mind. Having a pre-planned meal will keep you away from thinking about unhealthy food items.
  • Family’s emotional support

    You are vulnerable to mood swings during pregnancy because of the hormonal imbalance, especially during the third trimester, which is why most women have cravings. This can be curbed by spending time with family and friends and planning outings with them. Friends and family can prove to be your best way to vent out stress or frustration.
  • Train your mind into wanting smaller portions.Have bigger, nutritious meals and trick your mind into consuming smaller meals if it’s unhealthy. Take smaller bowls for ice cream and have just a scoop, eat only a bit of chocolate instead of the entire bar.
  • Bring-in healthier substitutesThere exists a substitute for every unhealthy craving that you have. Look them up and prefer them over fast processed and sugary items to provide you and your baby with ample nutrition. Always choose low fat substitutes of things like milk and ice cream and prefer baked and roasted food items over fried.

We would suggest you to curb your cravings whenever possible, and look for healthier substitutes if not. A healthy diet is utmost important during pregnancy both for your and your baby’s health. While giving into your cravings might give you satisfaction, but it can also turn out to be unhealthy when done way too often, especially during the third trimester. So stay healthy, and act quickly to change your habit of giving into cravings with our useful tips. Good luck!