Important Facts You Should Know About Stem Cell Companies In India.

Mycord pool banking in india

 Mycord, the best stem cell company in india redefines private banking. With the help of many clinical experiments, medical experts have found that stem cells, particularly umbilical cord blood stem cells, are extremely effective in curing a lot of previously incurable diseases. This fact along with the rising awareness of stem cell pool banking has encouraged many expecting parents to opt for stem cell pool banking services from stem cell companies in India. Mycord Precious Pool Plan is one such service provided by Mycord, the best stem cell company in India.

Nowadays stem cells are considered to be one of the most encouraging fields of medical research. These cells have the ability to change into other kinds of cells found in the human body. They have the capability to repair damaged tissues and organs. A successful stem cell treatment might even result in restoring the normal functionality of the organ.  In particular, the umbilical cord blood stem cells are exceptionally efficient.

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The stem cells that give rise to blood cells through the process of hematopoiesis are called Hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs). They have the ability to renew themselves and replenish all types of blood cell. A few HSCs can expand to produce a large number of daughter HSCs which is a phenomenon is used in bone marrow transplantation. The most reliable and rich source of HSCs is the Umbilical Cord Blood. It is a powerful mixture of stem cells, combined with growth factors and hormones. In the umbilical cord tissue, a rich source of Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) called the Wharton’s jelly is found. Usage of stem cells for treatment is a potentially a powerful treatment for the future. 

With the help of our preventive healthcare services, we aim at creating a healthy generation. We believe in acting with social responsibility. Thus we have a business model that has a built-in social conscience. Because of our principles, we are the top stem cell company in India.

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