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When you think of stem cells, the first place your mind goes to is a futuristic scenario with flying cars and no diseases! However, it may surprise you to know that stem cell banking in delhi is already established and flourishing. In fact, since 2012 the scope of cord blood harvesting in India has grown exponentially. Initially mired in controversy and ethical implications, stem cell research companies in India were few and faltering. The most common misconception – extracting stem cells can cause injury or even death to the child, the mother or both! This, however, is absolutely false in the case of umbilical cord blood banking in Gurgaon.

Mycord, regarded as the top stem cell company in India extracts stem cells from the umbilical cord blood – the richest source of stem cells – with no harm to either mother or child. The umbilical cord blood is preserved at one of the leading stem cell banking in delhi and preserved until it is required.

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The wonders of stem cells have been touted as miraculous and life-changing. After all, stem cells are capable of taking the form of any and every type of cell! They are the wild cards of the human body and can be used in the treatment of severe and sometimes even untreatable diseases such as leukemia, brain disorders, and sickle cell anemia to list a few. Ranked number one in collection, processing, and storage of the amniotic membrane, the Mycord pool is considered one of the best stem cell banks in India – and rightly so!

Mycord has earned its place as the leading stem cell company in India, providing regular customer support, worldwide transportation, allowing customers to track their stored specimen through an easy to use an app and even providing free medical counseling. The opportunity to store your child’s umbilical cord is once in a lifetime, and as the best stem cell storage company in India, Mycord presents it to you! Striving to separate fact from fiction, customer service executives are ready to help relieve your apprehensions and clarify any doubts keeping you from getting your cord blood banking in Gurgaon started.

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