Getting Started

Step1: Registration
To register for banking of the umbilical cord blood and tissue , please fill the form on the website or contact the customer care personnel at 1800 103 3001 (toll free number). On receiving the registration amount the contract agreement shall be sent for enrollment. A unique CIRN code will be generated for all future correspondence with Mycord.
Step2: Enrollment
Please read and fill out the contract agreement carefully and initiate the required payment.On enrollment, a ‘welcome pack’ will be sent to you accompanied by an easy to carry collection and transport kit containing the necessary tools for sterile collection of cord blood, cord tissue and amniotic membrane. Please follow the instruction provided in the collection kit.
DO NOT FORGET to carry the kit to the hospital on the date of delivery.
Step3: Collection
After the baby is delivered the umbilical cord is clamped and cut followed by the collection of umbilical cord blood, tissue and amniotic membrane along with the maternal samples. From start to finish, the collection process takes a few minutes with no harm to the mother and child.
A minimum of 80 ml of umbilical cord blood is collected for an effective transplant.
Step4: Transportation
At the time of delivery call the customer care helpline to initiate the necessary arrangement for the safe transport of the kit to the laboratory. Within the stipulated time the kit will be delivered at our laboratory through the fastest mode of transport.
Step5: Processing & Preservation
Processing & Preservation
As per the contract the umbilical cord blood, tissue and amniotic membrane are processed to ensure effective therapeutic application. Stringent quality control parameters are followed to test for presence of infectious diseases. Initial HLA typing is conducted on the cord blood sample to ensure the provision of best matched cord blood at the time of need.
Step6: Retrieval
Mycord to provide the best matched allogenic cord blood from those available in the pool. The retrieval can be made on a request form provided by Mycord. This must be signed by the client and include the name and address of the transplant physician confirming end use and the facility where the specimen is to be delivered and the date requested.
Potent and viable cord tissue derived Mesenchymal stem cells will be released on the Physician’s submission of a formal request.

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