What husband needs to do during Pregnancy?

Husband care during pregnancy

Husband Care During Pregnancy

Marriage is a union of two souls to a single entity which well in our Indian culture is stated in mythologies, considering a husband and a wife to be a single incarnation having equal halves. We in modern era term a husband and wife to be a better half of each other with same significance. So when termed as a better half not only limits to be a terminology rather a sharing of responsibility which justifies each other to be a better half. And the journey of pregnancy is the best part when one has to fulfill the responsibilities towards each other as the gift of pregnancy is created by both the partners wherein the journey needs division of responsibilities to make it a unified and memorable journey.

The terms “Father’ and “Mother” are words used by the new born in many formats but are the first words learnt by any infant which begins a new world and these words are considered to be the most respected words in any community as it comes with a sense of responsibility marking a beginning to a new era of life.


During the journey of pregnancy, a Mother to be plays a major role of making sure that the new born is well nourished and safeguarded for the entire tenure amidst all troubles what she faces as a primal change in her body internally and externally. So the Father to be being a better half in this journey also has to be responsible enough to be the strongest support for his partner so make this journey less stressful and more memorable.


If you are wondering what dad-to-be should do for their partner, then this is a handy guide that will give you an idea of your responsibilities as a husband during this important chapter of your life.


 Some of the essential points to remember when your partner is pregnant.

1.Stay Informed:

Husband care during pregnancyYou need to be aware of the things that happen to your partner during pregnancy. Sometimes, just knowing and understanding what your partner is going through is a huge step. When your partner is pregnant, there are so many things to take care of where you need to pay attention. Browsing about some little things like food habits and clothing as well as the bigger things like delivery process, pregnancy stages, morning sickness, and mood swings will help you to support your Partner.

2.During Morning sickness she needs your help:

Morning Sickness can be an awful experience, and women get tired and exhausted in no time. As a husband, you need to support your partner when she is suffering. Encourage her, stand by her side, and make her feel comfortable, especially when she is distressed with morning sickness.

3.     Be more caring towards your partner.

Husband care during pregnancyIn the coming few months, your life is about to change. Your partner will be experiencing certain hormonal changes which she never experienced prior. So there will  be certain changes which are quite evitable  such as  mood swings, emotional struggle, pain etc. These shifts are natural during this period, so learn to be patient when your partner goes through such changes. Be tolerable to her requests, anger, demands and always respond with kindness.


4.      Be more open- ended

There will be times when you have to go out of conventional way or even change certain plans for your partner. During this period of time your partner will need you and your support a lot more frequent than before. At certain times such things can be difficult for you in job or work scenarios. Still what you can do is try to spend time with her as much as possible whenever you are free. Meanwhile, you can even try requesting your office for more flexible hours or work from home option if you have a choice. This way, you can be there with your wife whenever she needs you.

5.     Cooking together

You can get involved in cooking when your partner is pregnant. She will definitely appreciate your initiative if you can extend your hand in helping her while cooking. You can even tell her to take a break from the usual cooking routine and take up the duty and display some chef instinct which is inherent inside you. This can be a good way to make her comfortable during this phase.

6.      Be her companion

During Pregnancy, women are advised to take adequate rest and not to strain themselves during this period. Hence in India, they go to their father’s house or some other place where she gets good rest and takes a break from normal routine. But during pregnancy travelling is not really advisable especially in third trimester. As a couple, you should stay with each other up until the third trimester or 8 month as it will allow you to share responsibilities.

7.     Plan and enjoy the journey with her:

Once you get to know that your partner is pregnant and a little one is just about to arrive. As a responsible couple, it is important that you plan for the future. So that you will be ready before your baby’s arrival. Make plans with your partner and discuss some little things, like baby’s name , health policy , some investment for future , stem cell banking etc. Which give her confidence that all issues are sorted out she no need to worry.This little act of yours will encourage her and make her feel that you are in this journey together.

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  1. Be responsible ,you are now became a “FATHER“ :

Dude,I am sorry but you need to surrender your “Party animal” and “friends buddy” role from now onward. As one of the most important things is to take up the responsibility As a father and let your partner know it’s not just on her you are also making efforts to change yourself and accepting the new role of life. which you are about to play for rest of your life. Be with her always when she needs you, and make sure to talk about the pregnancy journey like it’s for both of you.

9.      Be a patience Listener

As we all aware that after marriage men already become a good listener, because we assume that you already self-realized that “wife is always right” and they are even more correct than your boss. But jokes apart, your wife’s pregnancy is one of those times when you have to be more patient and listen to all that your wife has to tell you as pregnancy is an absolute emotional journey for your wife, so make sure to be there for her and listen to all her jilt s and demands with more patience than before. She will be delighted when you listen to whatever she says even when those things don’t make sense to you.

10.   Involve yourself on Household Chores.

Gentleman, this is the time when you need to take some responsibility for daily household chores. Every day your partner runs around and does all the household chores without complaining, but when she is pregnant you should take care of such activities as household chores can tire her out. Carrying a baby is not an easy task for anyone. Hence, it is important that both of you share responsibilities and you should take up most of the household responsibilities like trashing garbage, daily purchases etc.

11.   Visit Doctor together must be on list.

Visit doctor Husband care during pregnancy

Accompanying your partner to the hospital is definitely a huge support to her during this period. Visiting the doctor can get stressful if there are some complications in pregnancy and you should not leave your partner to face all these problems alone. Whenever your partner schedules a doctor’s appointment, you must go with her.

12.  Prepare for the Delivery

Start preparation with your partner for the D- day. Sometimes, preparing for the delivery and waiting for the baby to arrive, can get extremely stressful for your partner, so try to calm her during this time. Motivate her that she has managed so well so far and she should stay positive.

13.   Spend time with Her

The journey of pregnancy is extremely special to any women. There will be mood swings, weird food cravings, some nonsense – demands and what not. But you cannot complain. Your presence with her physically and emotionally is essential during this period. In fact, during this period she will be extremely dependent on you. So be a pillar of support for your partner.

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14.   Make Her Feel Special during this period

When her pregnancy progresses, your partner may feel low and even a little under confident. When it comes to her physical appearance because of her bulging belly. At this time you may not understand how to convince her that she is perfect the way she looks. So, make her feel that in your life she is most important, beautiful and special lady. Be sincere when you say this to her. You can even do a maternity photo shoot to make her feel special.Husband care  during pregnancy, it makes a big difference on your partner’s confidence and she will more relaxed. Which is very much essential during this period.

When   a baby is born, both the parents should take responsibility. In the same way, even when your partner is pregnant, both of you must share equal responsibility and work on things together. However, responsibilities are different for a father-to-be. But you need to be with her and support her during this journey of 9 months. Make sure at any point of time you should not make her feel that the responsibility of the baby is only on her. Husband’s role during pregnancy really matters as it will definitely change the way your wife approaches these 9 months. It makes a lot of difference to your baby who is in the womb. Hence, make sure that during these 9 months, you are doing everything possible to enrich this journey of pregnancy.

By Rohan Choudhary 





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