third trimester

Key to staying Happy during the Third Trimester

The third trimester or the last three months of pregnancy is the most crucial period for a to-be mother: both for her as well as for her baby’s well-being. Even though one goes through several mood swings and health issues, it is very important for the mother to stay happy and stress free during the last trimester as it can directly affect the physiological and psychological development of the child. Here are a few ways that can help you make your third trimester happier:

  • Making your bed your best friend!You must sleep a minimum of 7 hours, desired period being that of 8. Ample amount of sleep leaves you fresh and excited for the new day, while shortage of sleep may leave you tired & cranky. Avoid oversleeping, it may only give you severe mood swings.
  • Give into your cravings!
    The diet you follow in the third trimester is going to affect not the just well being of the baby, but yours too. Give into your junk cravings every once in a while but do not go overboard. Indulging in food that you like not only will make you happier but will also leave you content, calming you for a long period
  • A little activity doesn’t hurt!
    Swelling, back pain, morning sickness, you’re going through it all, but that shouldn’t make you feel you’re ill. Various forms of breathing exercises and weight training can help you not only stay fit during the third trimester but will help you get rid of the mood swings that you’re going through.
  • Fun & Frolic!
    Remember, Just because you’re a to-be mother in your third trimester, doesn’t mean you need to forget having fun. Of course, you need to stay sensitive and careful but a night out with your friends, dates with your partner, movie nights can all be planned every once in a while. Socializing is the best happy pill after all..

A good diet, ample amount of exercise along with desired hours of sleep and a happy environment at home can help you stay upbeat and devoid of any kind of stress during the last three months of pregnancy. Your third trimester isn’t a punishment, but the beginning of the most beautiful journey of your life, which is motherhood. Letting your last trimester stay dull is the last thing you would want, so keep these tips in mind and say hello to happiness! Remember, the happier the mother, the happier her child.