8 month pregnat

8 months pregnant? Look out  the symptoms of anemia during pregnancy.

8 months pregnant? Congratulations, you are about to complete your journey to motherhood. But while you are almost done, it’s also important you start taking a little more care of yourself. There are a number of ailments that come alongside this final stage. Anemia is one of these diseases and if ignored, can have dire consequences for both mother and child.

Women that are 7 months pregnant or 8 months pregnant are the most vulnerable to anemia. Expecting mothers that suffer from anemia in the sixth trimester, could have preterm and underdeveloped babies. You need to stay healthy and remain on the lookout for symptoms of anemia during pregnancy. But before we get to identifying symptoms, let us look at what anemia is.
Anemia is an iron deficiency disorder. What this means is, not eating iron-rich foods or being incapable of absorbing iron can lead to anemia.

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Pregnancy also causes women to become slightly anemic. During pregnancy, the mother needs enough iron for herself and the developing fetus. If you are not taking iron supplements , the baby doesn’t get the required nourishment to grow.

Heavy bleeding during menstruation can also lead to falling blood volume.Here are some symptoms to lookout for as a woman who is 7 months pregnant, or in her final trimester:-

  • Weakness – If you are feeling fatigued or getting tired easily during minor activities, it may be sign of anemia.
  • Dizziness – If you feel dizzy or faint frequently, you need to get checked for anemia. You should also avoid standing for long periods and no heavy lifting!
  • Irregular heartbeat – If the heartbeat feels irregular or beats faster than usual, consult your doctor.
  • Chest pain – This is an immediate indication that you might be anemic.
  • Cold extremities – Low iron levels during pregnancy can result in cold hands and feet.
  • Difficulty concentrating – This means your body and mind are in not perfect harmony. Low blood volume could the reason.
  • Pale skin/lips/nails – These are symptoms that the body is undernourished and suffering from iron deficiency.

Iron rich foods are extremely useful in preventing anemia and so are foods rich in folic acid. A good diet and mild exercise can help keep this ailment at bay. Precaution is after all better than cure.