Nine- month pregnant

Nine- month pregnant? Learn about the myths and facts

India is plagues with superstition! We live in the 21st century but superstitions about pregnancy still remain. Let’s take a look at some strange (read funny) superstitions about nine -months pregnancy.

Banking of Umbilical Cord Blood

Fact- In fact, telling more people about your pregnancy is always helpful. People are always willing to give advice and offer support for expecting mothers.

Myth- Pregnant women shouldn’t eat Papaya. It can lead to miscarriage.

Fact- This myth is partially true. Papaya contains a latex like substance, which can trigger labor. This is present in semi ripe and unripe papaya only. Eating papaya as such is not harmful, as long as it is ripe!

Myth- Consuming saffron can mean birthing a fair baby.

Fact- A lot of Indians are obsessed with fair complexion and light skin. But while saffron is rich in several vitamins and minerals and even good for your health, it has absolutely no effect on your child’s complexion.

Myth- A glowing mother means you’re going to have a boy!

Fact-You can not determine the sex of the baby this way. When a woman is nine months pregnant, there are changes in her hormones which can lead to changes in skin color.

Myth- Pregnant women shouldn’t attend funerals or visit sick people.

Fact- While this is a personal choice, the myth does hold true solely for two reasons. Firstly, visiting the deceased might cause unwanted stress upon the mother. Secondly, you shouldn’t expose your body to contagious diseases as they might affect your pregnancy.

Myth- Don’t shop for the unborn baby.

Facts- This rule was followed in earlier times when infant mortality rate was high and economic conditions were poor. However, due to great improvements in medical science – these beliefs don’t make sense any more!

You need to separate the facts from fiction. Both women as well as men need to be educated about the facts of pregnancy. While some myths can be partially true, the full reason behind them is what matters. Women especially, need to realize that their baby’s good health depends on right care, medication, eating right, and exercising right. Pregnancy is a wonderful event in the life of a woman and needs to be cherished, so stay informed and stay healthy!