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Cord blood banking companies in India

Maximize the possibilities of good health for your future generation with Mycord, the best umbilical cord stem cell banking company in India.

Undoubtedly, stem cells are the future of medical exploration and treatments. Medical experts believe that only 5% of the deadly blood disorders can be cured by our own cord blood. So, our own cord blood unit is not of that much use. As a result, it is really important to bank cord blood in the cord blood banking companies in India so that they can be used in future. MyCord is one such company, which offers umbilical cord blood banking in India. Under this concept, it is compulsory a best match cord is provided from the pool.

Cord blood cells multiply very quickly. Hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) from the umbilical cord generate new stem cells at a faster rate in comparison to other procedure of collecting stem cells from cord blood. HSCs from cord blood move to the damaged areas. Cord blood cells move through the blood system to the required portion after transplantation of HSC in the patient. The transplanted HSCs work with the body’s cellular system to fix the damage on reaching. In contrast to other types of HSCs, umbilical cord cells are more adaptable. These are younger compared to bone marrow and secondary blood transplants. As evaluated by many scientists, bone marrow usually requires a 5 out of 6 HLA match or higher, while cord blood HSCs only require a 3 out of 6 match.

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Nowadays the number of parents opting to bank their newborn baby’s umbilical cord blood and blood within is increasing. This could be made possible because of the increased awareness of cord blood banking among people. Notably, the benefits of cord blood stem cells are not just limited to the child but can also be used to treat the diseases and disorders of all blood related relatives.

Mycord is the best cord blood banking company in India because we are constantly engaged in extensive research. We utilize umbilical cord tissue derived stem cells for therapy. We have all the expertise that makes us better than other cord blood banking companies in India.

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