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Sleeping During pregnancy

The 3rd trimester or the last phase of your pregnancy brings in constant nights of slumber because of the big baby bump that comes in between you and sound sleep. Not just the baby bump, there’s also more pressure on your bladder because of the baby, making you take frequent trips to the loo. Other reasons like leg cramps, back ache, restless leg syndrome and baby’s kicking also disturb the sleep of to-be mothers, and all of this make you wonder if sleeping during Pregnancy even possible?


The answer of the question is this simple. While research shows that sleeping hours of to-be in the 3rd trimester decrease significantly, it is still possible to sleep peacefully for few hours using a few tips. Always remember, taking stress is only going to affect your sleep so do not stress over why you aren’t getting enough sleep since it’s only making things worse.

Let us now discuss the things that you can do:

  •   Sleep on your side

    Sleep on your side during pregnancy

    Sleeping on your back can cause unnecessary aches and can put pressure on the veins that lie on your backside. Instead, try sleeping on either side and take as many cushions and pillows as possible. Also make sure that your mattress is as soft and as comfortable as possible.

  • Cut down on fluids during night

Having fluids during the nighttime or dinner will only increase your chances of waking up for a loo break, thus disturbing your sleep. But make sure that you’re taking in ample amount of liquids during the day, just enough to keep you hydrated.

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  • Build a Routine

sleeping routine during pregnancy

Building a routine for the entire day, and sincerely following it and having fixed sleeping hours will help you fall asleep at the desired time every single day.

  • Watch your diet

diet during pregnancy

Since you’re in your 3rd trimester, we hope you already are doing it! If you aren’t then make sure you cut down on all your caffeine, and have a wholesome dinner since keeping your stomach full induces sleep quickly. However, make sure that whatever you’re eating is healthy.

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  • Seek help!

Go see your doctor if you still aren’t able to get proper sleep even after trying everything possible. It is very important to get lots of rest during the 3rd trimester and a professional will help you achieve that you yourself aren’t able to.

So yes, the answer to the question if sleeping during the 3rd trimester even possible? Is Yes, it is. We hope you follow the tips given by us and we hope that they help you get a sound sleep for the following three months. Happy Sleeping!

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