Is stem cell banking worth it ?

stem cell banking in india

Cord blood banking is no longer a nascent concept in the medical industry. Research by scientists in the past decade have revealed the true potential of the therapeutic use of stem cells. Stem cells obtained from cord blood have been used for stem cell transplantation since 1998 now, when it was first used to successfully treat a 5 year old boy of anemia. Many newer applications are still undergoing research and development. The stem cells have also been directly injected into the damaged tissues in some cases of spinal cord injury and brain damage. This process though not widely accepted, has shown to increase blood vessel formation resulting in increased blood flow.

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Stem cell transplantation is usually carried out to reconstitute a patient’s immune system, following treatments such as chemotherapy which destroys the body’s immune system. The process of stem cell integration with blood cells of the immune system is fairly simple. The stem cells are directly infused into the bloodstream of the patient after which they migrate to the bone marrow. Inside the bone marrow, they begin to differentiate into the three blood cell types i.e. white blood, red blood and platelets. This initiates the regeneration of the patient’s blood and immune system.

The stem cell therapy via bone marrow transplant is the most widespread method of obtaining stem cells today but with the dramatic growth in technology and medical research therapies derived from umbilical cord blood are growing in demand. Stem cell therapy is useful in treating a large number of diseases. Embryonic stem cell therapy has gained meaning over the years as something which has the potential in treating a wide ranging lineup of diseases. My cord, the best stem cell banking  in Gurgaon has the best state of the art facilities required for storage of cord blood which can in turn provide your child with protection should they be diagnosed with any diseases that can be prevented with the use of stem cell therapy.

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