What Everyone Must Know About Stem cell preservation india ?

Stem Cell Pool Banking In Delhi

Secure your future with MyCord, the best stem cell preservation india. According to a fact approved by the medical fraternity world, 95% of blood disorders can be cured by a different umbilical cord blood (UCB) and less than only 5% can be cured by one’s own Umbilical cord blood (UCB). Due to a diverse HLA type, finding a perfect match for stem cell transplant is difficult in India. So, we need to have storage of these stem cells so that in a critical situation people won’t have to wait for days or months for finding a suitable stem cell provider. To deal with such situations we now have stem cells bank in India. These stem cell preservation India provide facility to store stem cells for future use. Mycord is one of the best stem cells bank in India as it provides a simple method to store stem cells.

Stem cells are one of the new medical discoveries and development in the last few years. They provide an organic way to heal the human body from a complicated medical disorder. This is possible due to the replicating, differentiating and regenerating abilities of the stem cell. The stem cells are genetically unique. If there is a history of a particular disease in the family, then chances of the child inheriting the same are higher. These diseases can be cured with the help of cord blood.

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Our own cord blood unit is not of that much use as only 5% of the deadly blood disorders can be cured by our own cord blood. Owing to this knowledge, Mycord introduced the concept of umbilical cord pool banking in the country. Under this concept, at least 80 ml of blood required for stem cell transplant is collected and stored. HLA matching is mandatory to match a cord before storage. For every stored cord, a best-matched cord is provided from the pool.

Stem cell banking is extremely important as these cells have the ability to regenerate into different type of cells in the human body. With the availability of stem cell preservation in India, treatment of life-threatening blood disorders is possible. Mycord have a dedicated and personalized customer support team available.Which guide expecting parents on the importance of banking and preserving effective stem cells.

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