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Top 10 Pregnancy Care Tips During Monsoon |How To Stay Fit

The temptation of monsoons is what causes any person to enjoy the first rains in all their glory. As a pregnant woman, the possibilities of lying on your armchair, sipping on some hot soup, while reading your favorite book and listening to the rain rage outside can be quite the dream. Along with the rains, monsoons bring with themselves a ton of other aspects that make care for moms-to-be an essential thing to remember.

It can be very tricky to care for yourself when there is a change in the weather. So, here are some pregnancy care tips:-

  1. Stick to a nutritious & well-balanced diet

Diet during pregnancy

A diet that includes everything that a mother and her baby need is a necessity when you are pregnant. However, it becomes more of a mandatory thing to follow in monsoons. During this period when the general immunity in our body is at its lowest and monsoons bring along with them many diseases too. Design your diet plan with a high  protein diet which gives you a good amount of nutrition. Consuming warm food items and sipping some healthy soups is a great choice. Stick to freshly prepared food items and as a precaution try to avoid green vegetables like spinach or cabbage, since there are higher chances of those carrying germs.

  1. Stay hydrated like in ‘its summer’.

Hydrated during pregnancy

The humidity in the atmosphere increases while the overall temperature reduces, making the season of monsoons pleasant. This also makes a trick with your body, where your body thinks it has enough fluids since it tends to compare with the previous seasons of summer. Precisely due to this reason many pregnant women suffer from dehydration in the monsoons, which leads to nausea, headaches and complaints of fainting. Ensure that your fluid intake is tracked and stays at the same level as in summer. Add fresh juices and coconut water regularly into your diet.

  1. Avoid street food, despite any cravings

All those previous memories, when you’d step out with your friends to gobble up some nice street food, need to take a strict backseat during your pregnancy period. We have all complained about stomach problems, at the very least, after eating street food. Apart from the unhygienic conditions and uncertainty about the sources of water used in those food items and consuming extremely spicy street food with all the adulterated oil, chemicals and masala’s can be quite harmful to you and the baby. Even any fruits or vegetables that are cut and kept out for sale can be a convenient habitat for multiple diseases, especially during monsoons. Slake your chaat obsession by preparing chaat at home using safe water and quality known ingredients.

  1. Be more cautious about personal hygiene during monsoon

You might be maintaining general cleanliness in your surroundings, but monsoons always bring a new level of infections and diseases. Slightest chance of overlooking any aspect of hygiene, simply like washing hands prior to cooking, can be a pathway for germs to reach your body and, in worst cases,  it can reach to your baby too. During pregnancy, lowered immunity makes it, even more, easier for diseases to reach you, which is why it is necessary to keep a disinfectant with you at all times. Moreover, when you fall sick with an infection, your doctor may not be able to recommend any antibiotics and strong medication during pregnancy due to its effects on the baby and you will have to utilize natural remedies, which might take quite some time to ease your sickness. There is always a golden word in healthcare “ prevention is the best cure”.

  1. Sanitation of the surroundings play a key role as well

You need to take care of the area around you and keeping it free from germs is an important aspect which you need to keep in mind as well. Using a soothing and fragrant soap solution for cleaning the home isn’t sufficient. You need to replace that with a strong disinfectant that can rid your home of any microbes or germs that stay even in the darkest corners. Extra precaution needs to be kept by wash and replace your beddings and other upholstery regularly since visitors and other guests can bring germs along with them from the outside.

  1. Mosquitoes invasion are your worst enemies

In our country, there are only a few people who are lucky in this world to stay at a home that is free from mosquito invasion. Most of us have to be at war with mosquitoes, especially during monsoons, when mosquitoes enter our homes in a mass. Use a mosquito repellent as the first line of defence but do not hesitate from using a liquidator as well. Using mosquito nets in your beds can help you get a good sleep at night. Keep your eyes on an around your home and in the surroundings, pots, unused vessels where stagnant pools of water might remain. These are the breeding grounds of mosquitoes, which should be taken care of or should be avoided as much as possible.

     7.       The right footwear helps you keep a safe grip at all times

During pregnancy, if you prefer taking walks outside or you are still in the early stages of pregnancy and working, you need to take extra caution for maintaining your balance with the widespread presence of slippery surface in monsoons. Even the roads which you are well-versed with can turn into dangerous pathways when they are covered with water or even wet. Any slip and fall can lead to harmful consequences for the baby and you.

8.       Keep your dressing choices based on weather

During monsoon, there is an increase in humidity and chances of getting wet in the rain makes it sensible to choose clothing that allows your body to breathe better and keeps your body dry. Clothes made of cotton fabric are the best. Avoid synthetic fabric choices since they do not absorb sweat and will lead you to rashes on the skin and uneasiness.

9. Make bathing time for disinfection

Once a day during monsoon, make sure you take a bath that contains disinfectants. This reduces the chances of getting infected via various microbes which stays on your body for long and finding their way inside you. Some natural remedies like using neem with warm water or even a cap of Dettol etc with warm water can not only give a relaxing bath but make you feel clean and healthy, too.

  1. Always remember “precaution is better than cure”        

Pregnancy, constrain you from all the things you could have done by yourself. Therefore, it is better to take precautionary measures into an account for possible unpleasant scenarios and prepare for them. For example, while you are stepping out of your home, always carry an umbrella and make sure your phone is charged. Carry a power-bank if needed. Check for weather updates regularly and avoid going out during times when showers are predicted.


During monsoon, everybody wishes to enjoy these moments to the fullest. Being pregnant might bring in a few restrictions in standard routine work but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the weather. Keeping in mind a  few monsoon pregnancy care tips will make sure that you stay safe at all times and enjoy the weather and the beautiful rains with your little one inside you.


-Rohan Chowdhury


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last trimester of pregnancy

What Happens During The Last Trimester Of Pregnancy?

You’re almost there! Only three more months to go! The last trimester of your pregnancy is time when you body undergoes most amount of changes. This phase can often get overwhelming and confusing.So in order to ready you, here are a few things you can expect in your last trimester. with your rapidly growing baby inside of you:


What changes will the baby undergo?

Your baby’s growth will be the fastest during the third trimester of your pregnancy. growing up to three times both in its size and weight. Your baby’s cartilages will transform into sturdy bones. Its transparent skin will turn opaque. It will continue to accumulate fat and will shed its vernier and lanugo. Your baby will start developing meconium, consisting of vernier, Angolan and blood cells in its intestines. He or she will finally have all five senses in place and will perceive light, darkness, will be able to taste the food you’re eating and will be able to hear the things you’re saying. His brain too, will grow at a fast space, and will be able to function, regulating things like body temperature and dreaming.

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What changes will your body undergo?

Since your baby is going to grow at such a rapid pace, your body will also undergo a lot of changes: including the ever growing baby bump, which will be at its biggest during the last trimester. The growing baby will bring all of the following along with himself: aches in the abdomen, fatigue, heartburn, and severe backache. All of these will happen only because your body is trying to keep up with the ever growing bump. You might also develop a few varicose veins and stretch marks but that’s completely okay. However, they can be avoided if you continue to exercise well and moisturize yourself regularly.

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Remember, it’ll all be worth it in the end..

It’s going to be a ride full of mixed emotions, but if you’re ever tired of it all, remember all of this only means your baby is healthy and you’re going to hold him in your arms soon. The third trimester can be overwhelming but try following a good diet, a little exercises and socializing and see how your days turn into happy ones. Good luck!

Top 6 Exercise Tips During 9th Month of Pregnancy For Normal Delivery|| Mycord

Top 6 Exercise Tips During 9th Month of Pregnancy For Normal Delivery.

If this is your first child and you’re in the 9th month of pregnancy, the thoughts of labour pains are probably giving you sleepless nights right now. Even more so is the thought of a normal delivery since you obviously wish for good health of your baby. Doing exercises during 9th month of pregnancy that support and stretch the muscles of your back, pelvis, thighs can prove to be useful. We’ve curated a list of exercises tips during pregnancy that help you with the same:

  • Pelvic Stretches
    This is one of the best exercises during 9th month of pregnancy. Keep your feet sturdy on the ground, stretch your legs and keep your back straight. This will stretch and shift your pelvic onward and backward. Repeat it 10-20 times depending on your comfort level.
  • Squats
    How To perform squats for normal deliverySquats help in contracting and loosening the pelvic muscle during pregnancy and reduce delivery pains. Take the toilet position with the support of a holder or gym ball in order to add pressure to the pelvic and thigh area.
  • Yoga
    How To Perform yoga for normal deliveryYoga one of the most ancient forms of exercise is like a mystical route to a peaceful mind and healthy body. Doing yoga exercises during 9th month of pregnancy has several benefits including increased elasticity and endurance power. You can try vakrasana, utkatasana, konasana, and bhadrasana.
  • Cobbler Pose
    How to do cobbler's pose for normal pregnancyAlso known as tailor pose, cobbler pose helps in stretching your pelvis and building good flexibility. Remember to do this exercise with a cushion below your back and thighs.
  • Downward Dog
    Downward Dog Exercise for normal deliveryThis exercise is important since it gives support to your thigh muscles and lets them maintain good holding capacity. To do this exercise, extend your legs and bend on all four limbs, floating the back towards the sky. Hold onto the position for two minutes, release, and repeat daily.

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  • Kegel Exercises
    Kegel exercises are also known as of pelvic floor exercises. They’re one of the most important exercises during 9th month of pregnancy because they help in strengthening the muscles located in your vagina and rectum. You can perform the exercise either by contracting the pelvic floor muscle or by holding the pelvic floor muscle. Hold it for 10 seconds and release. Perform it 15-20 times daily.

Remember to maintain correct postures at all times, never fatigue yourself and always do these exercises for short spans of time. These exercises keep your pelvic joints flexible, increase blood flow to your lower body, thus comfort your delivery. We hope that you do these exercises during 9th month of pregnancy and share your experiences with us. Happy Motherhood!!

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Insomnia during Pregnancy

How should one cure insomnia during pregnancy?

Insomnia During Pregnancy

Most women experience a significant decrease in the quality of sleep. It turns out that pregnancy can make you feel exhausted all the day and it cause insomnia at night.

Here are some of the most common causes of insomnia during pregnancy, plus a few tips to help you get a better night’s sleep.


What is insomnia?

Insomnia means you have experienced difficulty in falling asleep, staying asleep, or both. It is very common for pregnant women to experience insomnia during all stages of pregnancy especially if it is your first pregnancy, but it tends to be more common in the first and third trimesters. Between midnight bathroom breaks, hormonal missbalnce and pregnancy woes such as congestion and heartburn, you might be spending more time out of your bed than in it.

The good news is Insomnia can be miserable for the women but it’s not at all harmful for the baby.

What causes insomnia during pregnancy?

Dear Moms-to-be, there are many reasons you might be wide awake in the awkward hours and these includes:

  • Frequent loo breaks
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Back cramp / stiffness
  • Breast tenderness
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Leg cramps
  • Shortness of breath
  • Heartburn
  • Dramatic dreams

Other causes of insomnia can be stress-related and especially might occur when you feel anxious about the labor or justifying the role of being a new mother. These thoughts can cause disruption of sleep at night, especially after your second and third visit to the loo.

It is very difficult to distract yourself from these thoughts, but try to remember that thinking about such problem is not providing any solution.  Instead, try to write down all of your concerns in a paper. This will give you a chance to consider possible solutions while discussing with your family, friends and even with your doctors later. If there are no solutions, or there is nothing you can do, turn the page in your journal and focus on another worry. This can help empty your mind so you can rest.

Being upfront with your partner about your feelings and worries can also help you feel better.

1.Set sleep time:

Set sleep time

Best way to manage insomnia during pregnancy is to set up good sleep habits by making a routine to go to bed every night.

2.Listen to soothing music before bedtime

Listen to soothing music before bedtime

Make routine with something relaxing music to be comfortable before you go to sleep.

3.Reading Books

Reading Books

Avoid screen time at least an hour before bed. Blue light from the TV, your mobile phone, or tablet can have an impact on your body’s circadian rhythm. Try reading a book instead.

4.Soothing bath before going to bed


Soothing bath before going to bed

Taking a soothing bath might also make you sleepy. Just be careful that the temperature isn’t too hot — that can be dangerous for your developing baby.

5.Drink Up Schedule

Drink Up Schedule

Drink Up Schedule

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. But try to minimize the water intake after 7.30-8.00 pm.

6.Say No to Caffeine

say no to coffee

say no to coffee

Try to avoid caffeine induced product from your regular meal especially after late afternoons.

7.Diet schedule

Eat a healthy diet and try to enjoy your food slowly to reduce the chance of Heartburn or indigestion. For which you can plan your dinner early but don’t go to bed hungry.

8.Intake of Ice-cream

Intake of Ice-cream

Intake of Ice-cream

Ice cream is delicious. Whether you eat at night or day doesn’t matter. It’s not ‘bad’ in any sense. But you have to be conscious about your body because if you ingest that food — water, fat, sugar, and deliciousness — it will have to be handled by your body. And try to avoid its intake late in the night.

9.Room Climate

Room Climate

Room Climate

Keep your bedroom silent, dark and cool for the required sleeping condition and try to use a night lamp during your visit to the loo at midnight and try to avoid bright lights.




If you suddenly woke up at midnight then try to engage yourself reading books or something else unless you feel sleepy then lying on the bed and stirring to the clock.

11.Start Meditation

Insomnia during Pregnancy

Meditation is a great technique which helps you to relax and positive thinking. That’s the reason currently most of the birthing centers incorporated yoga and meditation in antenatal classes before childbirth.


Most of the pregnant women, Experience insomnia during antenatal is common.  If you are facing trouble to sleep at night. Try to take naps during daytime but try to avoid sleeping pills, supplements or herbal sleep induced products unless you consult with your gynaecologists.

If your Insomnia is severe, and impacting your ability to function. Your doctor may be able to prescribe a sedative which is safe to take during pregnancy and not affecting your baby.

By Rohan Choudhary

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Ask your family to follow these tips when you’re 9 months pregnant || MyCord


Being around a woman when she’s pregnant can be tough, but not as tough as the situation she is in. Families need to understand what she’s going through and be supportive, loving and caring and she needs it the most at this point. At 9 months pregnant, she’s is at the most important and critical phase of her life, and needs to be taken care of, like never before. Keep in mind the following things if you have a pregnant wife or member at home:


  • Read books on pregnancy and babies

She’s 9 months pregnant. If you haven’t already read a few books on pregnancy and parenthood, then you are highly suggested to do so. This will make you understand her better. This is also a way of showing that you care for her.


  • Accompany her to the doctor

Visiting the doctor with a pregnant lady is the best way of engaging with her in her journey. Not just to doctor’s appointments, accompany her everywhere! A pregnant woman needs care and social support the most. Being alone can induce stress, anxiety and also sadness. Socializing helps in staying happy. However, do allow her some alone time too.


Ask your family to follow these tips when you’re 9 months pregnant .

  • Reduce her stress

Give her massages, take her out for dinners, let her vent out her anxiety, fear and stress. Talk to her and listen to her problems, and seek solutions. Pregnancy is physically and emotionally demanding and requires a lot of strength in itself. Do the chores yourself and do not ever burden her with work or pressure.


  • Help her get some sleep

Sleep can be very difficult to get when you’re 9 months pregnant. Make sure there are no noises in the house and that she is completely stress free throughout the day so that she can get sound sleep at night. Massages relax your body and help induce sleep too.


  • Be patient

At 9 months pregnant, she is physically, mentally and psychologically going to go through a roller coaster ride, so make sure that you’re always patient with her and remind her that you’re always going to be there for her.


  • Help her through her mood swings and sickness

Make sure that she is getting the correct professional help at all times, for both physical and psychological conditions. She needs to be at her best, both physically and mentally, to deliver a healthy baby. Remind her to take medicines, take care of her diet and keep her in a happy space, always.


Remember! She’s 9 months pregnant and is very close to bringing a new member to your family! Treat her like a queen and make sure that this is the happiest phase of her life since she’s about to give you happiness of lifetime in a few weeks! Good luck!