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What Happens During The Last Trimester Of Pregnancy?

You’re almost there! Only three more months to go! The last trimester of your pregnancy is time when you body undergoes most amount of changes. This phase can often get overwhelming and confusing.So in order to ready you, here are a few things you can expect in your last trimester. with your rapidly growing baby inside of you:


What changes will the baby undergo?

Your baby’s growth will be the fastest during the third trimester of your pregnancy. growing up to three times both in its size and weight. Your baby’s cartilages will transform into sturdy bones. Its transparent skin will turn opaque. It will continue to accumulate fat and will shed its vernier and lanugo. Your baby will start developing meconium, consisting of vernier, Angolan and blood cells in its intestines. He or she will finally have all five senses in place and will perceive light, darkness, will be able to taste the food you’re eating and will be able to hear the things you’re saying. His brain too, will grow at a fast space, and will be able to function, regulating things like body temperature and dreaming.

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What changes will your body undergo?

Since your baby is going to grow at such a rapid pace, your body will also undergo a lot of changes: including the ever growing baby bump, which will be at its biggest during the last trimester. The growing baby will bring all of the following along with himself: aches in the abdomen, fatigue, heartburn, and severe backache. All of these will happen only because your body is trying to keep up with the ever growing bump. You might also develop a few varicose veins and stretch marks but that’s completely okay. However, they can be avoided if you continue to exercise well and moisturize yourself regularly.

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Remember, it’ll all be worth it in the end..

It’s going to be a ride full of mixed emotions, but if you’re ever tired of it all, remember all of this only means your baby is healthy and you’re going to hold him in your arms soon. The third trimester can be overwhelming but try following a good diet, a little exercises and socializing and see how your days turn into happy ones. Good luck!

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How To Keep Baby Healthy During 3rd Trimester Of Pregnancy?

The only thing on the mind of to-be mothers during their 3rd trimester is their baby’s health. Even though the 3rd trimester is period of huge discomfort for the mother, it also the most joyous considering her baby is about to enter the world. This period is also the most critical when it comes to the baby since the growth is rapid. Babies grow upto 3 times their sizes during the 3rd trimester, thus should be provided with ample nutrition and care. Here are a few things you can follow to make ensure you baby’s good health:

 -Frequent visits to the doctor

Remember, nothing can replace professional expertise. The more you visit the doctor, the better idea you’ll have of your baby’s health. In the 3rd trimester, you should ideally be visiting the the doctor every second week. Make it more frequent if you undergo complications.


-Keep a track of your weight

Keeping a track of your weight will also ensure that you are keeping a track of the baby’s weight. It’s vital to keep a check as the 3rd trimester is the time your baby’s growth will be at its most rapid.


-Take all supplements on time

Make sure that you’re taking all the iron, calcium and vitamin supplements on time, as prescribed by your doctor, as this will ensure that that the baby has no mineral deficiencies upon birth and is growing as he should.


-Exercise Regularly

Exercising regularly is one of the best ways of ensuring not just your but your baby’s health as well. Even though exercising can be a little difficult during the 3rd trimester, but regular yoga and breathing exercises are easy and can prove to be fruitful.


-Get all the necessary tests done

There are various conditions that pregnant women are at risk of, so make sure that you are get all the necessary tests for diabetes, hemoglobin, iron deficiency, etc, just so that they can be treated on time and don’t hinder the baby’s growth.


We hope that you follow these steps on your road to motherhood. Don’t overthink or take stress at any given point during 3rd trimester and try to do things that make you happy. Remember, your baby is a part of you: hence, your happiness will be his happiness. Good luck!