Is it safe to consume turmeric milk during pregnancy?

turmeric milk during pregnancy

Remember those good old days, when your grandma used to persuade you into drinking a glass of yellow coloured milk at bedtime. Back then, we as kids never realized that she was actually doing this for our betterment. Turmeric or golden milk has been an essential and important part of the Indian diet since many centuries. Especially for expectant and new mothers, turmeric milk is made compulsory to strengthen the immune system and fight many infections causing microbes. Turmeric, also called “Queen of Spices” is rich in an ingredient called Curcumin, which is responsible for the yellow colour of the root. Curcumin is a very powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. No wonder why an Indian curry is never prepared without adding a pinch of turmeric for colour, flavour and health benefits. Let’s find out the benefits of turmeric milk during pregnancy.


Is it safe to consume turmeric milk during pregnancy?

Milk is a very rich source of Calcium, which is highly essential for bone health of both baby and mother. By adding a pinch of turmeric to your regular glass of milk, you can greatly enhance its potency. Check out the health benefits of turmeric milk during pregnancy:


  • Regular consumption of turmeric milk during pregnancy can reduce the oxidative damage in the body and even reduce the infections like the common cold, sore throat, etc.,
  • Drinking warm turmeric milk at night before going to bed can also promote sound sleep at night and drive away pre-natal depression.
  • Turmeric milk during pregnancy also helps women who suffer from arthritis by reducing inflammation and also strengthening bones.
  • Regular consumption of turmeric milk during pregnancy can also decrease the chances of degenerative diseases in the baby.
  • Consumption of turmeric milk during pregnancy can help in decreasing cholesterol levels and encourages good heart health.
  • Turmeric milk is also highly rich in nutrition and can supply the body of all vital minerals and vitamins.
  • Turmeric milk can also help in better digestion by encouraging the growth of healthy probiotic gut bacteria.


What is the recommended dosage of turmeric?


Turmeric is one of the few spices which is considered completely safe during pregnancy. The recommended dosage of turmeric in pregnancy should not exceed 1gm per day, as it leads to severe health complications, including abortions.


Side Effects and precautions of Turmeric Milk during Pregnancy:


While the benefits of turmeric during pregnancy are known, one should also understand the pregnancy side effects due to turmeric consumption and precautions that need to be to follow:

  • The amount of turmeric in the milk should not exceed a dosage of 1gm per day as it can cause overheating in the body.
  • Women with milk allergies must keep away from turmeric milk.
  • Never use artificial turmeric extra supplements as they can be very dangerous during pregnancy. Use fresh, naturally available turmeric root or powder.
  • Excessive consumption of turmeric milk in pregnancy can lead to miscarriages, as the spice can stimulate pre-delivery uterine contractions.

Consuming turmeric milk during pregnancy is one of the best ways to enjoy your glass of milk. Not only does it help pregnant ladies, but also those who are lactating. Instead of depending upon medicines to fight simple infections, start following your grandmother’s advice and make yourself a nice cup of golden yellow milk. You will not only have a good sleep but also wake up feeling fresh and happy. This is extremely important for every pregnant woman to kick back stress and have a healthy body and mind. So, all you would-be mothers, while the stork is busy packing your little one, focus on your health and get yourself a lovely drink!

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