Umbilical cord blood storage

Umbilical cord blood storage

Umbilical cord has the function of connecting the fetus with the placenta and mediates the supply of oxygen and nutrients to fetus development. It is approximately 50-70 cm long and 2 cm in diameter, and is known to mediate the feto-placental circulation and has its origin from the same zygote which gives rise to the fetus. Soon after a baby is born the umbilical cord is clamped while previously it used to be discarded. But nowadays with the discovery of cord blood transplantation and its potential use in therapy there is growing concern about the storage of the cord blood and hence what had been a biological waste so far is now playing the role of savior of human life.

Cord blood cells isolated from the clamped umbilical cord differ from those of bone marrow and peripheral blood in composition, number as well as properties. Cord blood stem cells have both the properties of multi-potency that is the ability to self-renewal (the ability to give rise to identical daughter cells without differentiation) as well as the capacity to differentiate into both the myeloid as well as lymphoid lineage of cells. Different types of cord blood cells are also characterized by long telomere in their DNA as compared to their counterparts in bone marrow and peripheral blood and this allows a longer time of hematopoiesis. These cells are now used to treat various types of malignancies like leukemia and autoimmune disorders. While HSCs have long been used in the clinical therapies and are successfully isolated from cord blood, umbilical cord banking also contains mesenchyme stem cells which are capable of differentiating into cells of different connective tissue lineage such as bone, cartilage and adipose tissue. There are immense benefits of banking cord blood in a private bank.

My cord, the best stem cell bank in Gurgaon has the best state of the art facilities required for storage of cord blood. This investment now can prove to be a lifesaving decision in the future as stem cells harvested from the cord blood can be used for treatment of over 80+ diseases.

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