Advance Guide Of Umbilical Cord Blood Banking You Must Know in 2019.

Umbilical cord pool bank

“Community Umbilical Cord Blood Banking helps the grandparents, parents as well as siblings accessing stem cells from the community pool”

Cord Blood Banking help provide your family with unique usage and retrieval benefits. while you access the preserved cord blood units for stem cell transplants.

For the first time in India, community stem cell banking has been launched by Mycord, Gurgaon. which would allow sharing of the preserved umbilical cord stem cells among the community of parents.This concept is the most precise way of banking the umbilical cord for therapeutic use.

Benefits Of Stem Cell Banking In India :-

  • More than 95% blood related diseases are treatable by donor cord available in same ethnic pool.
  • Highest Probability of finding matching stem cells from the community banking.
  • Less than 5% blood related diseases are treatable using your own cord in addition to the above 95%.
  • HLA matches to find an allogeneic matched cord for transplant is done before storing the sample.
  • For every cord that is stored in a cord blood bank a best matched cord is provided from the pool.
  • Family benefits the most: Immediate family members of the baby whose stem cells are preserved at birth with My cord Community Stem Cell banking program can be benefited.
  • No cost for accessing stem cells: Community members don’t have to pay for accessing stem cells for transplant.

How does the Mycord community stem cell banking work?

The parents preserve their child’s umbilical cord stem cells with Mycord & join in the community. These stored stem cells forms a collective common pool of cord blood stem cell units. The preserved cord blood stem cell units can be accessed by any member of the community including the parents when needed.

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My cord has offers many additional benefits, which allows people who have not banked cord blood to get access to matched cord blood stem cells (at an extra cost).

This type of storage and sharing helps parents and siblings to access stem cells from the community pool.Thus providing a comprehensive family benefit for treatments. Nor, surprisingly, community banking has an edge over both private and public stem cell banks.It provides collective family benefit, unlike private stem cell banking.

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