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Once In A Lifetime Chance

Banking the umbilical cord right after delivery represents a unique and once-in-a-lifetime chance to preserve the richest source of Haematopoietic (blood) and Mesenchymal (tissue) stem cells.

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Mycord Way The Only Way

Mycord has introduced the first Private Umbilical Cord Pool Banking concept in the country which is the only correct method of banking the umbilical cord for therapeutic use.

Mycord’s Simple 5 - Step Process

  • Registration Step 1 Registration
  • Enrollment Step 2 Enrollment
  • Collection Step 3 Collection
  • Transportation Step 4 Transportation
  • Processing & Preservation Step 5 Processing & Preservation
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Mycord Baby Boutique

Be a part of a unique shopping experience for a range of baby products at unbeatable prices for your precious little one. Membership to this exclusive club is only for Mycord Mothers and babies.

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For The First Time In India Amniotic Membrane Storage

As part of its extended verticals Mycord has for the first time in India developed technology and expertise to bank the precious Amniotic membrane exclusively for the use of the family in the future.

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Extended Verticals

Umbilical Cord Tissue

Mycord is more than just a cord blood bank- through research; it proposes to utilize the banked cord blood as well as the cord tissue, direct cord and amniotic membrane for potential therapeutic use.

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